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Where Rehab, Movement and Performance meet Lifestyle 

Building better Humans. 
Restoring function whilst,

Developing your optimal Strength & Performance

Our Story

Pain can literally be a pain in the butt... Brookland performance takes the guesswork out of your injuries, movement restrictions and pain, Whilst enhancing your training performance and goals. 

Through Movement practices and training that connects you to your body and performance in the gym, out in the sports field and even in your working environment 


We provide private in-person training, allowing you to take control of your body. 


Live pain-free, move freely and eliminate frustrations & remove the Limitations of suboptimal performance.  Get back on your feet living life to your fullest.  

Siggy Brookland 

Exercise & Movement Specialist

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Meet your

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Hi there, 

For those who don't know me, my name is Siggy Brookland.


I'm the founder of Brookland Performance. A training solution where Rehab, Movement and Performance meet Lifestyle. I help people out of pain so they can move optimally and ultimately perform well. Whilst, also taking athletes to the next level in their training and sport. 

With a Bachelor of Physical Education (Exercise Science) in my back pocket, 11 years of sporting experience and almost a decade of training  & coaching experiences, I have helped an array of people back from injury, out of dysfunctional movement patterns and into high-level sporting opportunities. 

Our aim at Brookland performance is to move, perform and live well.  And, if this is something you can get behind feel free to check us out on social for free content and knowledge bombs to help you live well & free.

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