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Owner of Brookland Performance
Exercise, Movement & Injury Specialist
Bachelor of Physical Education (Exercise Science)

Accredited  Exercise Specialist with a Bachelors in Physical Education from the University of Otago.


A born and breed Canterbrian he has 11 years sporting experience under his belt. Varying from First XI cricket and XV Rugby to hockey, squash, soccer and much more. This lead to a passion for the weights room and the art & science of sport-specific training, human movement and Injury rehabilitation. Siggy went on to pursue his Bachelors in Physical Education (majoring in Exercise Science)


Gaining a vast array of exercise science knowledge and practical experience over the 4 years interning as an Exercise Specialist, Including experience working with elderly, athletic and osteoarthritic populations. He takes on a specific training protocol implementing  key elements such as movement enhancement exercises, muscle testing, postural & gait analysis, functional strength & conditioning training whilst also holding key relationship fellow health Professionals such as Auckland physiotherapy in Newmarket to provide a well rounded and safe training approach to all of his clients training goals and needs.


Through his selfless and enthusiastic efforts, he has helped multiple women, men,  elderly and adolescents retain and increase their health, fitness and movement patterns through providing scientific-based individualised screening, programming and prescription for each client's needs.


Now, he is taking on the big concrete jungle, Auckland city. And, has based himself out Home Studio, the private, boutique training studio in the heart of Newmarket and Herne Bay Ponsonby Racket Club. Providing results and rehab by design in a private training environment




 I am in my 50's and broke my shoulder a couple of years and have a plate with eleven pins. I have been going to Siggy for about 6 months and he has made an extraordinary difference with my shoulder and also with my general physical health. It is remarkable the difference he has made. He is personable, attentive and extraordinarily thorough. With each session he alternates the many exercises, adding new ones which he adapts so I manage them. He constantly challenges, supervising the whole time, and I never feel that its too much but at the same time feel I am building on what I have achieved. I should add that before Siggy I had tried other forms of exercise but none had made anything like the difference his sessions have. Thank you Siggy! "

- Bridget / Auckland

“The care and attention that Siggy puts into each exercise and the way he ensures you are doing it correctly is amazing."

- Roderick / Auckland

Siggy is super a awesome dude, takes the time to make sure you are doing everything correctly, he is really knowlegdable & during each session I learn something new about my body. He has also massively improve my terrible posture, shoulder pain I have been struggling with over past year and I have increase my strength. Thank you so much Siggy!!!

- Cameron / Auckland

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