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6 Kettlebell Exercises to spicy up your home workouts

Kettlebell's are an awesome functional equipment to add to your home gym and one major advantage that Kettlebells have over dumbbells is that you don’t need a wide range of weight increments to create a workout with them. And, you typically we only need one or two Kettlebells

For these exercise we will be using no more then two kettlebell so with that being said

let’s crack into it…

Dust of those Kettlebells.... or if you dont have any, dumbbell’s will work here too.

Please note KB refers to kettlebell(s)

Exercise 1 🔸 High Pull Kettlebell Squats

For the pull, make sure it reaches your clavicle aka shoulder height, the left the body drop and rotate under KB for the squat

Exercise 2 🔸 Plank KB complex

This little beauty is hitting a couple of birds with one stone. Make sure to settle up strong in the set up in a strong plank position (hips inline with body, stack shoulders over wrists, push spine up to ceiling/sky), and, make sure you fully grip the KB to get that core firing

Exercise 3 🔸 Adductor KB swings or, simplify to normal kettlebell swing if necessary 🤘

With the adductor version make sure you are using your hips, hinging straight back & forward (not collapsing out to one side) and stay on the inside edge of your foot on the leg that is extended.

Exercise 4 🔸 Kneeling KB Windmill

Take these ones slow its not a race! And, drop the weight even if you preform them with just your bodyweight that’s still effective. Same as above use that hip hinge and allow the shoulder to twist outwards (externally rotate)

Exercise 5 🔸 Kneeling ER KB shoulder press

This one gets a little spicy as we are removing the ability of the lower body to compensate and challenging your shoulder ability to rotate with a lot of us struggle with. So for this movement, remember to

- Tuck your tailbone and squeeze those 🍑 so the pelvis/hips are neutral

- Keep shoulder blades back and down into back pocket so we are nice and tall

- And, imagine your putting your elbow on a shelf

lucky last...

Exercise 6 🔸 Gorilla Row’s - Perform this one in a bent over position, where your nipples are inline with KB handles, activate the shoulders and initiate the pull phase by leading with your elbow’s

Alright team... these are all yours, give it ago and drop a comment below which was the hardest👇

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