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The LIFT60 training challenge is an exciting 6-week challenge that focuses on strength, compound lifts, technique, mobility and getting lean!


This program runs twice a week for 6 weeks at Home Studio in Newmarket. Each week will be broken down into different phases and training loads keeping the body guessing and working towards your training goals.


Working 1-1 with your very own personal trainer in our semi-private training sessions each workout focusses on you. Your goals, your body, your needs.


So.....What's included:


▫️ 1-1 TECHNICAL COACHING - Let's learn to lift like an expert...


▫️ 2 x 60 MINUTE SEMI-PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS PER WEEK - 1-1 coaching in a fun environment...


▫️SUPPLEMENT PACKAGE - Fuel the body to perform...


▫️BEFORE AND AFTER BODY COMPOSITION SCANS - let's record those amazing results...


▫️MOBILITY AND RECOVERY PROGRAMME - Look good, be good with functionality...


▫️PROGRAM GUIDE AND WORK BOOKLET - All the secrets laid out for you to be successful...


▫️24/7 SUPPORT FROM YOUR VERY OWN EXERCISE SPECIALIST - When you succeed we succeed, let's do this together.


Spaces are extremely limited to a maximum of 4 people per class as we train together in pairs during each session.  So, grab your training buddy and let do this! 

~ Coach Siggy



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8 Week Strength Development Program
(Please note this intake is the final for 2020 and will only be 6 weeks in duration)

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* 2020 LIFT60 Strength Class Results*

Massive shoutout to @signaturestylenz and @lisa_jane_lyons for smashing out the final Lift60 program of 2020 @home.hq

They put in some serious hard work, busting out a @f45_training_newmarket workouts then straight up into the studio for some Heavy lifting over a 6 week training block.It has been awesome to watch their confidence under the barbell and heavy loads grow, and the sister competition.  Overall both Ladies have massively increased their strength and here is just some of the results over the 6 weeks:

Back Squat (week 1 - 54kg 1RM, Week 6 - 84 1RM Total increase of 30Kg (55% ^)
Deadlift (week 1 - 56kg 1RM, Week 6 - 78kg 1RM Total increase of 22kg (39% ^)
Shoulder Overhead Press (week 1 - 27kg 1RM, Week 6 - 33kg 1RM Total increase of 6kg (22% ^)
Bench Press (week 1 - 50kg 1RM, Week 6 - 76kg 1RM Total increase of 26kg (52% ^)

Back Squat (week 1 - 57kg 1RM, Week 6 - 72kg 1RM Total increase of 15Kg (26% ^)
Deadlift (week 1 - 57kg 1RM, Week 6 - 74kg 1RM Total increase of 17kg (29% ^)
Shoulder Overhead Press (week 1 - 21kg 1RM, Week 6 - 27kg 1RM Total increase of 6kg (28.5% ^)
Bench Press (week 1 - 36kg 1RM, Week 6 - 51kg 1RM Total increase of 15kg (41.7% ^)

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