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Who Are We

Better you,
Better Performance

News years is a weird time for many, alot are feeling overewhelmed and down about there health & fitness and the traditional New year resolutions set you up for this feeling - the classic New year New me saying literally says it for you. We shouldn't be chasing a NEW you, rather we should be focusing on a better you. Developing and enhancing your progress from the last year. Whether that was no training at all to now a single training session per week or double your training load, running faster or moving up in competition levels withing your sporting compeitions... The Kickstarter program does exactly that. Its a program focus on kickstarting your new training goals or focus through minimal equipment (literally a skipping rope and set of Dumbbells)

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START date - 17th of January | FINISH - 17th of February

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WORKOUTS: Each workout will be 20 - 45 minutes In length 

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TRAINING FREQUENCY:  4-5 Days per week

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DIFFICULTY: For ALL ages and levels of fitness (Any individuals with Injuries please notify us before joining) 

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EQUIPMENT: Pair(s) of Dumbbells (We will have bodyweight alternative workouts)

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WHAT TO EXPECT: High intensity, strength-focused training, explosive cardio, quick fire fatigue 

4 Week Kickstarter Challenge is designed to give you quality workouts that will help with consistency, strength, endurance, fat loss and more in just 4 weeks! The challenge will be based on 5 days of activity which include

strength, high intensity training, cardio, recovery and weekly challenge workouts to push your body to new levels.


This Kickstarter challenge intake is a great way to start building consistency and healthy habits in 2022!

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4 WEEKS of committed Sweat Sessions 

- Challenge yourself each week for yourself

What we need from you? Just a couple things 

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These are allows optional but a great way to see

how your progress over the 4 weeks. 

A selection of measurements recorded 

- These measurements are to complement your

   Before & After Photos. 

insert a photo of slideshow of photos of each element 

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4 video captures of Specific Movements 

 - At the beginning of the challenge there will be a

10min video guiding you through a selection of exercises to

track your movement prgress through the program

Program Giveaway 

4x Personal training Sessions on Trainer Siggy  (Worth over $300) 

Full Mobility/Recovery Kit (Worth over $100)

Nike Weighted Speed Rope (Worth over $.      ) 

Pair of Training Leather Grips (Worth over $50) 


Join us before the 10th of Janaury

This ain't no new year new me program, this is about building a better you.

Better performance, better results, better mindset. 

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