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Body composition


A proven way to actually measure your bodies results without being distracted and discouraged by fluctuating numbers on the scales. 

Train without limits 
Create results  

Take a real look at how your body is truly adapting to your new training program, methods and nutrition with the revolt 360 body composition scanner. Providing you with a simple & easy 60 second scan to accurately track your progress and provide greater insights into your true internal health. 

Whether your recovery from a injury like a ACL reconstruction and need to see your baseline muscle mass of your right and left legs to return to sport faster..... Have high cholesterol and want to see your visceral fat mass or simply aiming to shred down and want to see your baseline body fat/muscle mass percentages. The scanner accurately provides a full report straight to your phone so you can focus on training without limits and setting yourself up for success in and outside the gym. 

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