Owner of Brookland Performance
Exercise, Movement & Injury Specialist
Bachelor of Physical Education (Exercise Science)

Originally from the south, a true born & breed Cantabrian – and as a true Cantabrian fashion, came with over a decade of sporting experience under his belt. He is grateful for providing the gateway into developing love for the brutal after school training sessions and the weights room. These experiences followed suit by a move to the deep south (Otago) to discover the art & science of sport-specific training, human movement, and Injury rehabilitation through a Bachelor of Physical Education (Exercise Science) at University of Otago.


During the four years in the deep south, he worked alongside with a variety of incredible professors, health professionals and motivating clients. This encompassed many athletes, Osteoarthritic elderly, and injury rehabilitation niches. Siggy experienced such incredibly humbling opportunities by working with individuals at all stages of their life.


He has always been driven by the importance of moving the body and caring for others, but after his studies he saw a disconnect in the fitness industry between health professionals and big commercial gyms taking advance. When the opportunity arose Siggy jumped at the chance to create his own business, with aims to create a collaborative community of fitness professionals and clients. Packing a couple bags in the back of a relocation rental and drove up the big smoke, Auckland to grow Brookland Performance - a private training service where "Rehab, Prehab, Movement and Performance meet Lifestyle" allowing his client's to fully unlock their full potential.


Thrown straight into the arena, Siggy hasn’t not looked back since. Through his selfless, gentle nature and enthusiastic efforts he has helped a wide range of individuals, young and old retain their health & fitness, increase performance and movement patterns. 

About Trainer Siggy



 I am in my 50's and broke my shoulder a couple of years and have a plate with eleven pins. I have been going to Siggy for about 6 months and he has made an extraordinary difference with my shoulder and also with my general physical health. It is remarkable the difference he has made. He is personable, attentive and extraordinarily thorough. With each session he alternates the many exercises, adding new ones which he adapts so I manage them. He constantly challenges, supervising the whole time, and I never feel that its too much but at the same time feel I am building on what I have achieved. I should add that before Siggy I had tried other forms of exercise but none had made anything like the difference his sessions have. Thank you Siggy! "

- Bridget / Auckland

“The care and attention that Siggy puts into each exercise and the way he ensures you are doing it correctly is amazing."

- Roderick / Auckland

Siggy is super a awesome dude, takes the time to make sure you are doing everything correctly, he is really knowlegdable & during each session I learn something new about my body. He has also massively improve my terrible posture, shoulder pain I have been struggling with over past year and I have increase my strength. Thank you so much Siggy!!!

- Cameron / Auckland

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